Out now: IN, a Collaborative Family Photobook

On sale now, IN,by Benjamin Donaldson, Ottilie Leete, and Lisa Kereszi, with an essay by Robert Storr and afterword by Cindy House. Designed by Yve Ludwig.


The photographs in this volume were made with a variety of cameras by two parents and one child in, around, and near their home from early 2020 through the end of 2021, while living, working, teaching, and learning all under one roof, inside four walls.

Here is a book of images that are both familiar and strange. Everything is recognizable and nothing is. I know the bubble, the isolation, but this is not exactly my bubble. This book makes me feel like we were all lost at sea in our own boats, none of us in sight of each other out there on the open water, just trusting that the other ships were sailing in the same ocean somewhere.
—from the afterword by Cindy House

Limited-time online special, only $65 plus S&H

Our young collaborator was chosen to be featured in Matte Editions Exciting Photography Now , and profiled in An(other) Magazine

Posted on 26 December 2023

Group Shows in Modena, Italy and in Texas

On view in Modena, Italy through February 16, 2024, the exhibition Il sesso nelle camere d’albergo (or, Sex in hotel rooms) at Metronom contains several pieces by Kereszi. From the gallery’s website: The title of the exhibition is inspired by Geoff Dyer’s book Otherwise Known as the Human Condition, Selected Essays and Reviews, a collection of essays which was published in Italian by Einaudi under the title Il sesso nelle camere d’albergo… The exhibition includes artworks by different artists: … Lisa Kereszi documents the magnetism and seductive elegance of New Burlesque performances for six years, providing a narrative of fantasy and freedom…

via Carteria 10
Modena, Italy


From January 26 through April 7, 2024, a piece from the Governors Island series is on view at the Art Museum of South Texas in Photography IS Art, and exhibition that was organized by and on view at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art in 2021. Also included is the work of Cindy Sherman, Alfred Stieglitz, Gordon Parks,Justine Kurland, Andre Kertesz, and Sharon Core. From the museum’s website Three centuries of photography shows the remarkable artfulness of photography in this exhibition. Amon Carter Museum of American Art is one of the major repositories of American photography; as well as other bodies of work. Photography is Art offers the viewer a wide and thoughtfully curated experience, not only from the originating suggestion that photography is art, but also the opportunity to meet the original curator of this presentation John Rohrbach.

Art Museum of South Texas
1902 North Shoreline Boulevard
Corpus Christi, TX

The original show can be seen as a virtual tour here.

Posted on 26 December 2023

MOURNING a NEW Artist Book: Your Pre-sales Support Production

A new collaboration with Minor Matters Books is in the works for a large-scale artist book to be printed in late 2023. Funding for production comes solely through the contributions of the audience in a pre-sale that ends on August 1, 2023. Minor Matters runs on a crowdsourcing model, so publications are a community effort, and not paid for out of the artist’s pocket.

Kereszi’s earliest photographs from her teenage years are of her father, her grandmother, and the family junk yard they ran for fifty-three years. For over three decades she has collected objects and moments through her camera, while also maintaining an interest in tangible, physical artifacts that extend our relationships to memories.

In early 2018 her father died suddenly, less than a year after her grandmother passed away. Managing grief from these dual and significant losses was made more difficult amid contentious family strife. When her father’s newly-erected headstone was toppled and had to be re-mounted, Kereszi was further distraught, and asked family members nearby to rig an off-the-shelf trail camera within view of the plot. Through that device and its auto-generated photographs, she could “visit” her father’s grave daily, though she was hundreds of miles away.

Kereszi amassed thousands of images over a seven-month period that culminated in the trail camera’s disappearance (it was later discovered tucked behind a headstone). With the forced isolation created by the pandemic, her life as a human, a mother, and a professor radically changed. Seeking order and control when the world provided little of either, she began organizing grids of the visual visits to her father’s grave. This album of her efforts to manage mourning is presented at scale to the hand-created book she lovingly compiled as a record of her grief.

Forthcoming, early 2024, with an essay by Marvin Heiferman
12 × 18.5 inches horizontal; 112 photographs; 32 pages. Hardcover with stab binding.

Visit Minor Matters before August 1, 2023 to join us as a co-publisher and have your name printed in the back as a supporter for a $100 contribution!

Posted on 23 May 2023