July 9 & 16, 2012 - New Yorker

Goings on About Town
Galleries – Chelsea
Lisa Kereszi

Many of the artist’s previous photographs were made behind the scenes in strip clubs or peep shows, where slick facades gave way to disillusion and decay. Her new work, in a show titled “The Party’s Over,” picks up and expands the theme to take in a range of shut or abandoned venues, including a topless bar, a disco, and a summer resort. Kereszi isn’t the only photographer chrionicling America in decline, but, like Mitch Epstein, she has a keen eye for detail. The stripper pole at a swinger’s club in Daytona Beach casts a shadow straight through the bull’s eye of a dartboard on a pale-pink wall. Through July 6. (Richardson, 535 W. 22nd St.)
-Vince Aletti