"Haunted" series featured in The Huffington Post

Photos: Artist Spotlight: Lisa Kereszi’s “Haunted”
by Dominique Fenton, First Posted: 10-29-2010

Photographer Lisa Kereszi’s exploration of haunted houses—the kind that go up for Halloween and are taken apart and put in storage afterwards—goes by the tentative title: Haunted. The project began in the fall of 2004 as an offshoot of her work on the nocturnal, escapist spaces she focused on as a graduate student at the Yale School of Art. She has been photographing haunted houses almost every fall ever since.

Much of her graduate work focused on the places we go to forget who we are, or to be somebody else: bars, strip clubs, back rooms, peep shows, cheap motels and amusement parks. Haunted houses are, in a way, a logical continuation of her investigation.

Her approach isn’t that of a documentarian or photojournalist, showing the frights and sights how they are supposed to be seen and felt. Rather, Kereszi aims to examine her subject with candor under the harsh light of day or a bare, dangling utility bulb. Haunted exposes the behind-the-scenes mechanics of our man-made fears, and reduces them to the cheesy, artificial constructions they really are.

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Posted on 30 October 2010