Dikeou Collection Curatorial Statement

via zingmagazine, a curatorial crossing:

Lisa Kereszi’s work stems from an acute awareness of the oblique. Oblique in that she is able to get underneath and around her subjects, become part of the mix, decidedly sleep with the enemy, and retreat without a scratch. She guides us into different private lives, closed spaces, deserted roads, haunted bars, empty minds, hollow roofs, ghostly subway platforms, sad keggers, dangerous moments. This ability to show us something somewhere, some part of another that is somehow a part of ourselves, has earned her the prestigious Bucksbaum photography award. And this ability creates series like the “Drinking” series in the Dikeou Collection and zingmagazine issue 9, or “Two Suicides” in issue 6, as well as “Night Light” in issue 16. Oblique is a word that describes her work, and obliquely, you get to the heart of it the other way around, indirectly. You find yourself in the furtive tensions, the soft latent delicacies, and almost from beneath she exposes in her subjects the forgotten, the displaced, the quiet silence, that only rings more and more loudly.

-Devon Dikeou

From The Dikeou Collection