May 20, 2003 - New Yorker

Goings on About Town
Lisa Kereszi

The saturated colors and fun-house compositions of these photographs present a demimonde of motel bathrooms, parking structures, neon signs,and strip club booths: not exactly uncharted territory for documentarists or fabulists. But Kereszi’s contribution has less to do with social commentary than with the way planes, patterns, shadow, and illumination fit together. The tinselly drama of her scenes suggests the current vogue for theatrically arranged and digitally manipulated images, but Kereszi refuses even to crop her pictures: She’s reporting live from a latter-day Damon Runyonland. Through April 14. (Pierogi, 177 N. 9th St. 718-599-2144.)

New Yorker (May 2003)