Group Show on view at Flash Forward Festival in Boston

A Fragile Balance
at Fort Point Arts Community Gallery
300 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210

“In many different ways these eight New England photographers reflect the ever-more uncertain world in which we find ourselves living today. Their wide-ranging work speaks to the critical tipping point we have reached in our increasingly tenuous relationship to the natural world and to others. Like a canoe gently bobbing on the smooth expanse of a lake at night, our very human desire is for equilibrium and a sense of direction, but our day-to-day experience often belies that deep-seated longing for stability. Caleb Charland, Christine Collins, Lisa Kereszi, and Jesse Burke’s photographs explore man’s indelible marks on the landscape, our precarious connection to the physical environment, the scars of suburban development, and the larger cycles of life, death and regeneration. While Justin Kimball, Eric Gottesman, S. Billie Mandle, and Rania Matar are more often drawn to document the fleeting and ephemeral aspects of humanity, the plight of the displaced and disenfranchised, the passing traces one leaves behind, and abstract concepts such as faith, loss and forgiveness.”

Karen Haas
Lane Curator of Photographs
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

May 1, 12–6PM
May 7-8 , 12–6PM

Posted on 5 May 2016