Joe's Junk Yard project listed in The New Yorker's Photobooth blog Post

One image selected from Kereszi’s upcoming book on her family’s business, Joe’s Junk Yard (Damiani, Fall 2012) was shown on The New Yorker magazine’s photo blog, Photobooth , in a 2011 year-end posting about their freelance photographers’ current projects. The image is from a recent trip to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where she was following her own family’s roots while also following the route Walker Evans took in the area 76 years ago. This is also exactly when her great-grandfather lived at and ran his coal-distribution company on East 3rd Street, directly across from the steel mill. The steel stacks of the plant, made famous in Evans’s photograph from a nearby cemetery, are reflected in the screen door of her one-time family home.

Posted on 22 December 2011