Solo Show Walls, Surfaces, Illusions at Yancey Richardson

Yancey Richardson Gallery is pleased to present Walls, Surfaces, Illusions, a selection of celebrated photographs by Lisa Kereszi. Frequently exploring venues offering escapism through cheap entertainment and sordid pleasure, Kereszi’s photographs emphasize the details that lift the veil between fantasy and reality. With an acute awareness of the oblique, she peels back the illusionism of these forgotten spaces on the cultural fringe – an abandoned arcade, a run-down amusement park, a strip club on the outskirts of town – revealing the disenchantment and melancholy behind their once-alluring facades.

Keresziʼs photographs are not planned, but rather genuine, instinctive responses to a strange and secret type of beauty. Distressed signage, antiquated murals, glimpses through reflections – they are exercises in magical realism, and a celebration of the spontaneous photographic image. The daughter of a junkyard proprietor, she embraces the aesthetics of decay, finding treasure in the detritus, the left behind, the visual clue that reveals something about a once happier life that unfolded in the space she discovers.

May 16 through July 3, 2019
at Yancey Richardson Gallery
525 West 22nd Street

Posted on 14 May 2019