Group Show: History of Photography at Eastman Museum

Kereszi is included in the exhibition, History of Photography, curated by Lisa Hostetler at the Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York. The show commemorates the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. In addition to the artists listed below, works by Graciela Iturbide, Alfred Stieglitz, Larry Fink and Southworth & Hawes are also included.

From the museum’s website:
“The selection of works on view includes portraits of suffragist Susan B. Anthony and abolitionist Sojourner Truth, documents related to Civil Rights Era feminists Angela Davis and Gloria Steinem, and artworks by Julia Margaret Cameron and Carrie Mae Weems. Since its invention, photography has played an instrumental role in picturing women around the world as they fight for their basic human rights. A broad array of objects—from tintypes and card-mounted photographs to ID badges and images by celebrated photojournalists Margaret Bourke-White and Stephanie Sinclair—showcases the diversity of the George Eastman Museum’s photography collection.”

On view:
July 16, 2020–January 3, 2021
History of Photography Gallery
Eastman Museum
900 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607

Virtual exhibition here:

Posted on 22 August 2020